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Industrial Water Treatment Plants

Water management in the industrial sector is a key task for a trouble-free production. We assist industry for both water & wastewater management for all type of industries. We provide Filtration plants, Softening plant, Demineralisation plants and Reverse osmosis plants to meet the process water requirement. For wastewater management, Effluent treatment plants are provided and the treated water shall meet the norms of regulatory authorities.

Desalination plants

Evaporator plants & Salt recovery also part of ZLD plant and helps to reduce the resources.

Zero liquid discharge plant

Zero liquid discharge plant (ZLD) is the recent adopted technology hence to meet the norms as well as recycle the waste water.

Industrial Water Treatment Plants

Process Water Treatment Plant for Lafarge Cement, Bangladesh.

Recycling Plant at NPCIL, Kudankulam.

Zero Liquid Treatment Plant for Tannery Units CETP @ Dindigul.

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